Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Visiting a place of silence and sanctuary, the Adelaide Japanese garden

To stoop is to bow
At the worn wooden doors
Fingers trace water.

Himeji garden
Walled with clipped dark hedge
A different world.

The Deer warning clack
Interrupts water gossip
Sharply rebuked.

Each season new view
Always a calm  oasis
Walled garden of heart.

Wabi and Sabi
Tea House worn wooden slab
Looking at dry sea.

Zen gravel no monks
I bring my stone attention
Zazen to shape.

Deep pond stooping tree
No frog seen to plop poetry
No Basho sees.

Looking deep within
Goldfish of wandering mind
Not much discernment

To stroll kinhin way
Might draw stray commentary
Step with the breeze

Bowing thanking this place
Placing it in sharp memory
Gate always inviting

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