Thursday, July 21, 2011


There is a question used among Christian Ministers, 'Is she sound?' The use of the word 'sound' in this context suggests that the person in question is orthodox in faith. Even to use the word orthodox is in itself questionable since the word means 'right worship'. It comes from the old sense that when we pray in a healthy way then our beliefs will be structured in a way that represents the Tradition. 'Sound' as a token of approval or disapproval, failure or success may owe its origin to striking a piece of woodwork and being able to tell from the echo that there was no rot present. In a similar way 'sound' can be a measure of depth. This is the metaphor invoked over this blog. Somehow it offers a paradox, how is silence to be measured and how do we find a way in silence?

'Sound' in this interpretation may have an analogy with 'true' signifying a right measurement or alignment. Why is so much sound unsound? Sounding implies a caution an acceptance of limitation, a feeling ones way in the dark and an understanding that we have to discern if words which come cheaply in our noise riddled world are indeed true.

By being more careful with our language and the amount of words we throw out perhaps sound will become sounder, a more reliable way of discourse. In the meantime rationing our words may increase their value. The more sound and true silence the more sound and true speech.


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