Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking in the fog

With winter come fog and rain to the Adelaide hills. It's the experience of living within a cloud and it shapes how I feel. Wrapped up warmly stepping carefully, torch cutting a white path, a beam of light that seems alive with movement as swirls of tiny drops of water dance through the frail uncertain light. Noise is cloaked by the cloud, dampening cars and trains and the cry of birds. With this comes a soundscape conducive to silence. No long sight lines by day or even illuminated during the night. Clear outlines of trees and houses take on a smudged experience and with this swirling mist comes a sense of humility, of being in life of being subject to that which is beyond the expected. As breath steams mingling with the waterlogged air I am conscious of my footfalls, I am enclosed and I am grateful for the harsh sounds of human machinery is muffled. My mind falls silent and my body finds a rhythmic movement as I journey through dark, as rain drips on my face as I begin to anticipate a hot cup of tea as I near home.


  1. The rain has just come here, to South-Eastern England - literally, for I had just come in from working (well, pottreing) in the garden in hot summer sunshine and was checking my mail when I heard its gentle fall. I too love the silence between water-drops, whether fog or rain. As our nights begin to draw in and your days to lengthen I send you Solstice-tide greetings!

  2. PS I like the new template - now where have I seen it before? ;)

    1. Merton has a beautiful reflection from the hermitage about the beauty of rain and of listening with a sense of reverence

  3. Thanks for your message Antonia