Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inviting Earth

Just recently I was part of a conversation between a group of people exploring how the Christian community might respond to the current indications of ecological catastrophe.  There were some beautiful ideas and I suggested the title 'Inviting Earth' as words of enchantment and encouragement. Another title was chosen which I think will speak more deeply and resonate with the theme of vocation.

I reflected with the group that the recovery of a day of silence, perhaps on Holy Saturday, a sabbath of listening to the Earth might be a powerful experience.  On this day or longer fast speaking and emailing, blogging and texting, driving and even reading might be laid aside to listen to the soundscape deeply and with a sense that in every square metre there is a unique experience of the material and living world.

Holy Saturday and the whole concept of Sabbath might help to cool the fires of our commercialism and especially from our noise. If a day of silence can be practiced in Bali then what a blessing it would be in our society. It will never happen because leaders in religion and in society know that when people move into silence then radical ideas can emerge as people begin to wake from their stupor and ask themselves and of others deep and profound questions.

Holy Saturday carrying with it the deep silence of absence and yet of hope is calling me. What about you?

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  1. For Holy Saturday perhaps to don: a carapace around the silence?