Monday, May 14, 2012

Music that evokes silence

Silence and Music dance together like binary stars in the universe, holding each other in place and illuminating the sky in a great fire of movement and participation. This is the silence and melody which is transforming and renewing of the human spirit and of the environment not the music and silence at war with each other that forces apart our inner sense of rhythm and connection.

As I sit here this early autumn morning looking into a view scape of trees along a creek bed with a kookaburra hunting before my window, a gentle breeze stirring golden leaves on european trees I listen with delight to music by Toshio Hosokawa, JS Bach and Isang Yun and played by Thomas Demenga, an ECM new series CD.  This music seems to be deeply embedded in the natural, to flow and move like water in the creek flowing by, evoking the music of the soul.

How does music speak to you? It may be music you make for we like songbirds seem created to sing and make music and for many of the same reasons, the most important of which is that music expresses the soul with great lamentation as well as thankfulness and adoration, immersion in the ebbs and flows of life and to express our migratory flights in faith and imagination. Music may also be the music we listen to which we may choose to surround our moments of meditation and silence, of resting and being.
I am less inclined to use music as a background these days unless I am tired or on long car journeys where music can sharpen my senses and attunement.

May I commend to you the small group of readers who sojourn here possibly by mistake that you may explore the ECM catalogue? Pax Vobiscum!

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